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FAQs: How do I find resources in other languages?


How do I find resources in other languages?


When using the Search Engine to find resources on the website, the resources shown default to the English language. To find information in another language:
  • Type keywords into the search engine then click "Search".
  • Click on the "Select Other Language" drop down menu. Select a language.
  • Resources listed will be in the selected language. Foreign Language resources may be from Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center or Health Information Translations databases:
Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center resources: You can view the English version of the resource by selecting English with the select a language drop down menu. This will allow you to go back and forth between the two language versions.
Health Information Translations materials: Written materials are dual language (both English and the foreign language are included within the material-English page will print followed by the translated page).

When using Health Topics (A-Z) to find resources on the website, the resources shown are all available languages. To find information in another language:

  • Select the first letter of the keywords you are searching for, for example "H" for "Heart Failure".
  • Select a health topic, for example "Heart Failure".
  • The resources shown will either display the language as "English" or there will be a drop down menu to "select a language". Resources that display "English" are only available in English at this time.




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