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Staff members in the Departments of Patient Education are clinicians and health educators who work with departments to develop resources to support the education of patients and their family members.

Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center Department of Patient Education is led by Diane Moyer, MS, RN, Associate Director.
The James Cancer Hospital Department of Patient Education is led by Joyce Hendershott, MSW, ACSW, LISW-S, Associate Director.
About Patient Education

1.  If you are not at a Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center location, visit the Staff Log In menu tab and enter osumc\user ID and password. If logged onto OneSource or your work computer, you do not need to log in.

2.  Click on the Order tab.

3.  Select an order form:

  • Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center;
  • James Cancer Hospital – (Printed by Vendor); or
  • James Cancer Hospital – (Printed by Patient Education Department).

4.  From categories listed, click on the plus (+) sign to view materials.

5.  Click box R to select. Screen flash adds materials to shopping cart order.

6. When all materials are selected, click Next.

7.  Review the order. Modify quantities for a 1-3 month supply. 

  •  To add more materials to cart, click on Add More Materials.
  •   To remove materials from cart, click on the X to delete.
8.  Fill in customer and delivery information. 
  • All fields must be filled in, except Comments Box, for an order to be placed.
  • Error message will show for orders with missing information fields.
9. Click on Submit Order
Have questions?  Need to change or cancel an order?  Contact Patient Education:
  • Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center: (614) 293-9654 or (614) 293-3191
  • James Cancer Hospital: (614) 366-8232 or (614) 293-3259

​There are separate order forms for Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center and The James. The James has 2 order forms:

  • James Cancer Hospital – Printed by Vendor
  • James Cancer Hospital – Printed by Patient Education Department
To switch between James forms, click on each form.

​Separate orders must be placed for materials being delivered to different locations.


​After Checkout, an auto-response on the Order Confirmation page will read “Your order has been received”.

1. An email is sent to you when your order has been approved with a time and date stamp, and an order number. Please keep this email for reference until your order arrives.
2. A second email is sent to you when the order has shipped.


  • Allow up to 15 business days for your order to arrive. Click on the link in the email sent to you to check the status of your order.
  • Orders are shipped directly from the vendor to the shipping address. Please check your order upon arrival.
If you find an error with your order, please contact Patient Education with details as soon as possible, so that we can correct the issue.
When you place an order, a history is created and available for the past 20 orders. To access the details of each order, click on the order number.
We recommend ordering a 1 to 3 month supply of materials to have adequate stock for your area and ensure that you have materials that are up to date.
We understand that sometimes materials are needed quickly. We’ll do our best to work with the vendor to see if a partial order can be released early. Please contact Patient Education for assistance.
The Departments of Patient Education for Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center and The James Cancer Hospital cover the production costs of materials ordered on our website. Any cost not covered by Patient Education, would be agreed upon in advance, and the expenses would be billed separately.
Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center and The James Cancer Hospital have one of the largest collections of patient education in the U.S. You’ll find over 3000 resources developed by clinicians and educators for patient education and more than 300 titles translated in up to 18 foreign languages. 
Staff can expect to also find:
  • Patient education books, kits and frequently used handouts that can be ordered for patient care
  • Quick access to Micromedex resources
  • Multiple language resources in up to 18 languages
  • Featured health information under the homepage's "Hot Topics" section
  • 30 day list of newly created and newly revised education resources under the homepage's feature section: "What's New"
  • Quick access to frequently used patient resources including OSUMyChart, Physician Directory, Patient and Visitor Information, Directions and Maps, and Clinical Trials under the homepage's feature section: "Get Connected"


General Information
Go to the Order tab. Select an order form (Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center or one of The James Cancer Hospital forms). From the categories listed, click on the plus (+) sign to view materials. Click on [View] after a title of a book to view its contents. Each handout in a book can be viewed by clicking on the title.
Staff log in is required to order materials or view staff resources such as site-licensed MicroMedex products as the website is also available to the public. If you log into your computer as a part of your job, you do not need to log in again to the Patient Education website to access these staff resources. If you use a shared computer in your unit or department, you will need to log in on the Order menu page to order materials.
Log in
Your Log in username and password are maintained through the Department of Information Technology. Call eServices at 293-3861 for assistance.
Log in
​1. Contact Patient Education:
  • Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center Department of Patient Education: 293-3191
  • The James Cancer Hospital Department of Patient Educaiton: 293-3259
  • Email requests can be sent via the feedback form.
2. Provide information about the changes (i.e., text or picture) needed or new topic to develop to staff.
Request for New Materials or Editing Current Materials
Health System policy requires that patient education resources be reviewed every 3 years. Check the copyright date of resources you use with patients and families.
  • The copyright date on handouts shows both a "creation date" and current copyright ("content changed") date.
  • If the current copyright date is older than 3 years or the handout has content that needs changed, please contact a Patient Education staff member.
  • If asked to review content in a handout, we can assist you with finding good sources of evidence-based research to review content.
Request for New Materials or Editing Current Materials
Patient Education Resources:
  • Contact Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center Department of Patient Education at 293-3191. This department coordinates patient education translations (written language resources) for both The James and The Ohio State University Health System.
Other Resources:
  • Departments of Patient Experience and Marketing and Strategic Communications manage maps and patient and visitor information.
  • Interpreter Services provides interpreters for immediate patient care and family communication (spoken language).
Request for New Materials or Editing Current Materials
​There are a few options when creating patient education resources. If written materials/handouts are needed, we start with a single handout on a topic, broadly written to meet most patient care needs across the Health System. If multiple handouts are used consistently with a patient population, then a book with an index page or table of contents may be created. Books are printed by RR Donnelley on demand and are orderable via this website by staff. All handouts and books follow established formatting and template guidelines which meet health literacy and branding guidelines.
Standard Formatting of Patient Education Books includes:
--book binding – coiled or taped (OSU Harding)
--color covers
--divider pages printed on pastel-colored paper
Other options such as perforated pages, pockets for brochures, printing on inside of the cover, and 3-ring hole-punched and wrapped are negotiable based on needs and cost. Any cost not covered by Patient Education, would be agreed upon in advance, and the expenses would be billed separately.
Request for New Materials or Editing Current Materials
Patient Education resources added to IHIS are based on the integrated Care Plan Modules.
Within a specific care plan, many patient education resources are pre-loaded. Type in a new keyword to search for more resources under another care plan.
If the patient education resources that you need are not linked within IHIS, enter keywords into the search box.  All resources from the Patient Education website database are available through this search.
IHIS and Patient Education
Requests for resources to be linked to IHIS can be made to Patient Education or through the CPM Steering Committee.
IHIS and Patient Education
Health care professionals must document the specific title names of all education resources that are provided to patients and family members in order that they are retrievable for legal and accreditation purposes. 

This can be done within the Education tab of each care plan:

  • Select Patient Education resources. This will take you to a list of resources that can be selected and printed for patients and family members. 
  • To fulfill the documentation requirement, click on the copy to clipboard button. This button enables you to copy document titles. Within the Education tab of IHIS, go to the comment box. Right click on your mouse and select the paste function. This will paste the titles from the Patient Education Resource page directly into IHIS.
  • For additional educational resources not listed within the care plan, go directly to the Patient Education website. You can directly search for needed patient information and then directly type the titles into the IHIS comment box.
IHIS and Patient Education
  • Creating new and updating exisiting patient and family education resources​
  • Developing patient education books
  • Repository and archive of patient education resources
  • Coordinate translations of patient education resources
  • Readability testing of resources
  • Health literacy staff education
  • Consulting services
About Patient Education
​This statement encourages readers to follow-up with the health care team if they have questions and directs them to the Library for Health Information for trustworthy, quality health information assistance. Health care systems must meet specific standards for providing follow-up information to patients and family members.
The full statement reads “Talk to your doctor or others on your health care team if you have questions. You may request more written information from the Library for Health Information at (614) 293-3707 or email:”
General Information
The Departments of Patient Education work with clinicians to create patient and family education resources. For guidelines on how to create new patient education resources, please click here.
General Information
To meet accreditation standards, policy requires that patient education resources: 
  • Be available throughout Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center to ensure consistency of care,
  • Meet requirements for health literacy standards, so they are understandable by patients and families, and
  • Be archived and retrievable
If patient education resources are not yet developed and an external resource is needed, policy identifies a copy be sent to Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center Department of Patient Educaiton or The James Cancer Hospital Department of Patient Education for review and archiving. Cost for securing additional materials from the vendor may be the responsibility of the requesting department.
General Information
There are two ways to search for health information:
  1. Search by Keywords - Use keywords or phrases in the search engine to find health information on any topic.
  2. By Health Topics (A-Z) - Select a letter of the alphabet then select a health topic to see a list of resources. You can also select "Show All Topics" to see a list of all health topics. 
When using the Search Engine to find resources on the website, the resources shown default to the English language. To find information in another language:
  • Type keywords into the search engine then click "Search".
  • Click on the "Select Other Language" drop down menu. Select a language.
  • Resources listed will be in the selected language. Foreign Language resources may be from Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center or Health Information Translations databases:
Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center resources: You can view the English version of the resource by selecting English with the select a language drop down menu. This will allow you to go back and forth between the two language versions.
Health Information Translations materials: Written materials are dual language (both English and the foreign language are included within the material-English page will print followed by the translated page).

When using Health Topics (A-Z) to find resources on the website, the resources shown are all available languages. To find information in another language:

  • Select the first letter of the keywords you are searching for, for example "H" for "Heart Failure".
  • Select a health topic, for example "Heart Failure".
  • The resources shown will either display the language as "English" or there will be a drop down menu to "select a language". Resources that display "English" are only available in English at this time.
  • Arabic
  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • English
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Bosnian
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Somali
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese
Always talk to your doctor or others on your health care team if you have questions. Ohio State's Library for Health Information has a consumer health librarian and volunteers available to help you find trustworthy, valid information about health issues and concerns. To make a request, click here or call 614-293-3707. Your request will be kept private. The library also maintains a Pinterest pin-board for consumer health information websites. Resources provided by the library should not be a substitute for talking with your health care team.

To reduce the number of resources returned when you use the search engine, use multiple keywords or use the Filter by Topic feature:
  • First enter keyword(s) in the search engine then click "Search".
  • Click on the Filter by Topic drop down menu and select a topic of interest. This menu is located above the list of resource titles.
  • To broaden your search again, click on the Filter by Topic drop down menu and select “All Topics”.

​You may have found the document you are looking for. Scroll to the second page of the document to look for the foreign language content. Written materials from Health Information Translations are dual language, beginning with English. You can verify that you have the correct language by looking at the footnote at the bottom of the page where the language is listed.


​Go to the Select Other Language drop down menu on the search results page and choose English. This will bring up resources in English.


After doing a search by keywords, go to the Select Other Language drop down menu on the search results page. Choose "All Languages" from the drop down menu. The resources will display all available languages.​


What's New is a list of new and revised resources for the last 30 days. Only the 5 most recent resources show up on the homepage. To view the full 30 day list, click "more" at the bottom of the What's New section.​


Plain language means that information on this website is easily understood. Our policy is to write health information at a 7th grade reading level or below. We follow guidelines for health literacy and health education writing so that you can understand step by step what to expect for a test, procedure, or home care.  

  • Pictures are used to accompany text to improve understanding. 
  • Text is written in at least 14 point font, in Arial or Times New Roman. 
  • A special format is used so that headings, sub-headings and content follow an easy to read pattern. 

We don't expect you to know medical terms, but we want you to understand your medical care. We write in a way that helps you understand health concepts to enable you to be an active partner with your health care team. ​


The [i] provides more information about resources developed by Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center and The James Cancer Hospital. This information typically includes:

  • Title of the resource
  • Language
  • Topics - this is the Health Topic and IHIS categories (electronic medical record patient education categories) the resource is assigned to
  • Authors - this information is available upon request
  • References - this information is available upon request
  • Creation Date - this is the date the resource was first made available online
  • Content Changed - this is the date of the current resource version online
  • Other Language Versions - this drop down menu provides links to other language versions of this resource title 
  • Packages - if this resource is found in books and other materials available for order by staff to educate patients and families, those book titles are listed here

For video and document tutorials on how to use this website, click here.​


​You will need to complete the Request to Develop Recorded Patient Education Material form provided:

Request to Develop Recorded Patient Education Material - The James.docxRequest to Develop Recorded Patient Education Material - The James.docx

Submit the completed form to the James Patient Education Department via fax: 614-293-9908 or email the form to

Request for New Materials or Editing Current Materials

If you have a disability and experience difficulty accessing this content, contact our webmaster at

Notice of Non-Discrimination